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In Colorado, the black powder or muzzleloader license is one of the most coveted. All licenses are by application only. Because of the increased interest in black powder hunts, drawing a muzzleloader license in Colorado can take several years, however it is well worth the wait. Listening to the bulls bugling on a crisp autumn morning, rays of sunlight peeking over the mountainside and through the trees, seeing the puff of black powder in the air after a single well-placed shot, brings back the nostalgia of days gone by. The combination of hunting elk in the rut, and the exhilaration of close encounters while hunting with what is considered to be a more primitive weapon makes muzzleloader trips extraordinary.

Colorado’s black powder season is placed during the peak of the elk rut in September. Although the weather in Colorado can be unpredictable, September weather is typically mild, making this hunt the perfect time to be in the backcountry hunting elk

For each of our Archery hunts, you have exclusive access to the property for 5-days during the Colorado archery season. When you book your hunt, in the "messages" section, please list what dates you would like to come in.

Colorado Big Game Brochure


Antelope (Buck) - Draw

Bear - Draw

Deer (Buck) - Draw

Elk (Bull/Cow) - Draw

Mountain Lion - Draw


All U.S. states, provinces, and countries that have mandatory bowhunter education requirements will accept the Colorado Bowhunter Education Certificate. Likewise, Colorado will accept Bowhunter Education certifications that are issued by other jurisdictions that meet official IHEA-USA requirements. (This is known as “reciprocity.”)



Law requires hunters to wear at least 500 square inches of SOLID DAYLIGHT FLUORESCENT ORANGE OR FLUORESCENT PINK material on an outer garment above the waist while hunting deer, elk, pronghorn, bear or moose with any firearm license. A fluorescent orange or pink hat or

head covering, visible from all directions, is also required.


Mesh garments are legal but not recommended. CPW strongly recommends wearing daylight fluorescent orange or fluorescent pink clothes in

the field, even if you’re not hunting. Wearing orange or pink is for hunter safety, as big game animals don’t see these colors like we do.  Movement, sound and smell are what give hunters away.


Colorado’s muzzleloader regulations are laid out extremely well and are very direct:

  1. Only legal muzzleloaders are allowed during muzzleloader seasons;
  2. In-line muzzleloaders are legal;
    1. Must be a single barrel that fires a single conical projectile or round ball;
    2. For deer, antelope, and bear, a conical projectile must be at least .40 caliber and a round ball must be at least .50 caliber;
    3. For elk and moose, conical bullets must be at least .50 caliber and round balls must be at least .54 caliber;
  3. From .40 to .50 caliber, bullets or round balls must weigh at least 170 grains;
  4. If greater than .50 caliber, a bullet or round ball must weigh at least 210 grains;
  5. 209 Shotshell primers and B.O.R Lock MZ System bullets are legal;
  6. Pelletized powder systems are prohibited during muzzleloader seasons; and cannot be loaded from the breech during muzzleloader seasons. 
  7. Only open or iron sights are legal during muzzleloader seasons.
    1. Sights using fiber optics or fluorescent paints are legal. 
    2. Scopes or sights using artificial light, batteries, and other electronics are prohibited during muzzleloader seasons.
  8. Sabots are prohibited during muzzleloader season. 
    1. Cloth patches are not considered sabots. 
    2. Bullet designs such as the Powerbelt are legal for use.
  9. Smokeless powder is prohibited during muzzleloader seasons. 
  10. True black powder or black powder substitutes are legal.
  11. Electronic or battery-powered devices cannot be attached or incorporated into a muzzleloader during muzzleloader seasons